Bundaberg Soaring Club
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Our Aircraft

Our two seater Blanik XQO.

This aircraft has just had the Llewellyn mod performed on it.

Prior to this our Blanik was grounded along with the rest of the world wide fleet.

We are very happy to have our Blanik back on line as it is a very good and stable trainer for our students.

We now have a single seat glider (Pilatus B4) online for our club members to fly. Along with this we have a privately owned high performance twin glider (Twin Astir) that can be cross hired to the club members or to the club for training.

Our Blanik - XQO

XQO Flys Again

This weekend was a momentous occasion as we saw our newly modified Blanik fly once again.

A few years ago the world wide fleet of Blanik's was grounded due to a fatal accident in Germany which was put down as fatigue in the wing spa.

To fly again the Blaniks needed an updated Llewellyn Modification. This mod not only got over the grounding but has giving the aircraft another 8,400 hrs of life. This will see XQO operating for quite some number of years to come.

The Blanik is a great trainer as the club members re-discovered this weekend.

Below is the first take off and landing of XQO.