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Wow what a day!

Today started off like it wasnt going to be too bad of a day, not great but not too bad.

Mostly a blue sky day with a good headwind.

The first couple of launches proved we were going to get good heights off the launch.

David, a new member who has come up from Gympie started the day with a check flight including some spin checks.

We have a few new members and they all took instructional flights as well with good flight times.

Just after lunch and the clouds started to puff up..... ohhh everyone went.... We could see a few with good dark patches under them too.

Grant took a launch in the Twin Astir (IKC) and didnt come back for nearly two hours. He managed to get a cross country flight in out past Childers with the cloud base at around 5500ft.

Kel managed a good flight of around an hour in Blanik and a new member Leo also had a good flight lasting two hours reaching cloud base a few times.

Grant took a friend who is learing to fly Jabiu's and they had another hour flight in IKC.

All in all a very sucessful and enjoyable day.

Poor Jarod went to Warrick in search of some good flying but didnt manage to find what we enjoyed up in Bundy.

A new system has been put in place and we now have access to our flight accounts via our web site in the members area. This should make things a lot easier to keep tabs on.

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