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Our new Tractor (New Holland TT75) and Park Mower that we were able to purchase thanks to the State Governments Community Gambling Machine Grant. They provided $30,000 and the club contributed the remaining $9,000. This is a great asset to the club as the old David Brown we have been percivering with gave up the goast receintly. We spent a fair bit on the new Park Mower but feel this will help us to improve the strip by cutting lower and getting rid of the clumping grass. New Tractor & Mower 2009
Winch launching in the Blanik. My guess this is Alan Ing, how can we tell??? Flaps out early on launch.
Winch Launch in the Blanik
A new club member, Michael, landing in the Blanik. Michael Landing
Our new signs installed at the front of the club. New Sign
New Member, Satnam taking an instructional flight with CFI John Godfrey. New Member Satnam
Grant doing a DI on his aircraft bought from the Gympie Club, the Twin Astir IKC. Grant & Twin Astir IKC
Another achievement. Grant Davies, a new club member this year flys solo on Sunday the 9th December 2007.
Grants First Solo Flight

The Blanik under tow by a Super Dimona at the Bundaberg Air Show 2007.

John Godfrey (CFI) flew the club Blanik performing a number of aerobatic movements for the crowd.

Apart from loosing our tent on the first day the show was a great success.

Bundy Air Show
Full brakes on landing.
Last flight of the day.
Another Sucessful landing in the Club's Blanik.
This is a view taken by our CFI John Godfrey on route to the Bundaberg Airshow in 2007. He was towed by a Super Dimona from Pacific Soaring Motorglider Club.
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The Bundaberg Airfield from the cockpit of the clubs Blanik attending the Airshow in 2007.
Bundy Airfield
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